Patina Creations

Art has always been my passion. The thing I enjoy most about art is the ability to take ideas and experiment with them. Not so much for the finished piece, but for the process.

In 2015 a friend of mine introduced me to Patinas for steel. If you are not aware of what patina is, It’s basically the process of something aging over time and naturally rusting or deteriorating.

In the world of art, patina has taken on a whole new category because people want to speed that process up by aging metals more rapidly with water, vinegar, urine, coopric acid and many other methods.

There are several companies out ther like sculpt nouveau for instance, that create their own mixtures and concoctions that will do this process.

I decided that I wanted to take what these companies made to oxidize steel and go a bit further. I wanted to make art with it. Not just textures and abstracts, I wanted to see if you could acutally illustrate with these chemical processes. So here are some things that I created utilizing a patina technique that I created.

The main thing that I love about this process, is that with the exception of the statue of liberty hand, there is absolutely no paint involved, it is simply the steel reacting to the different patina applications that cause it to oxidize in a variety of colors.

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