Sand Blasting

There are certain moments when you take a photo and it just speaks to you. When I shot this photograph, I had been working with a team of very talented fabricators, engineers, machinists and plumbers for weeks, non-stop.

On the day that this photo was taken, we had been putting in 15 and 16 hour days creating a water heating system for the oil industry to heat their water for fracking.

At this stage we were at the prep stage of cutting up a storage container to act as the housing for the heating unit. Hayden Weibel, the man shown in the photo was new with our team and got pinned with the task of removing all of the paint from inside the container.

When I snapped this photo, I immediately fell in love with the composition. It took me back to the days of the empire state building, the dusty, oily, hardened iron workers and their dedication to such a massive undertaking.

This is one of those projects that will always be forever emblazened into my memory for good times, rough times and dusty times.

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