Articulate Storyline Gamification Experimentation

Articulate Storyline
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Instructional Design
eLearning, Gamification, Touch Technology

Thanks to the rapid progression of technology, eLearning development tools must have the ability to produce content for touch devices. In this case study I set out to demonstrate whether or not Articulate Storyline is able to keep up.

Designed with tablet learning in mind, this scenario course was designed to demonstrate swipe motion character activation as well as hotspot visit recognition.

Built on a circular play platform. The character in this scenario can freely walk either direction, can walk through the entire space and return to the beginning and can backtrack for continued discovery within the play space.

This study combined the use of animated gifs, frame by frame animation, motion control, and much more.

In the end, Articulate Storyline has proven to be a much more user friendly environment than Adobe Captivate for this type of gamification setup. Though both programs are very capable, I found Storyline's triggers, programming, overall workspace to be much more userfriendly for more complex gamification ideas.

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